How to Change Text and Background Color in Win 10?

Oct 11, 2017 by

How to set eye-protect background color in Win 10? For people in office who are facing computer for a long time, it is necessary to set your computer and text background into eye-protect color. Today I will tell you how to change your word, office and text background into green color.

1.Press "Win+R" to open the run box, input "regedit" then press enter.


2. Open the menu in order: HKEY_CURRENT_USER → Control Panel → Colors. Then find InfoWindow and double click it. 



3. Change the Value data in Edit String into 202 234 206 (Light Green), press ok to save the operation.


4. Find Windows in registry Editor through the following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE → Microsoft → Windows → CurrentVersion → Themes → DefultColors → Standard.


Find Windows in the right list and double click it. Then change the Value data form ffffff into caeace.



When finished the four steps restart your computer and open Microsoft Office Word, you can see the background color changed into light green. This color is really friendly to your eyes, right?