Hidden skills in Win10

Sep 26, 2017 by USBstart.com

As the most popular system, Windows system is really powerful. Except for some general functions, there are also some hidden function you don't know. Today I will share three hidden skills with all of you.

1.How to find your files quickly.

We may have some frequently used file folder in daily life. If the folder path was too deep. You need to open many other folders to find it. How to find it quickly? Find that folder, left click it and locked it in the toolbar. Next time when you need it, you just click it once.

2.How to hide the folder name.

Create a new folder, press "Alt" before rename then press "0160" on the keyboard. Keep pressing "Alt" while you rename the folder. When you finished rename you can loose the "Alt" key and press enter. Now you can find a folder without name.

hidden folder name

3.How to use desktop magnifier?

Windows system has magnifier function, when we can't see words or pictures clearly we can use it. Press "Win" + "+" you can start magnifier. You can zoom in the screen and see what you want clearly.