How to Disable Windows Remote Registry?

Sep 15, 2017 by

Windows remote registry allows other computers in the network to look at others computer's registry. It is often reported that hackers can access personal computer to get some important information through remote registry. If you don't need remote assistance and want a safe computer, I suggest you disable remote registry.

Now I will introduce how to disable remote registry in Win10, Win8/7 can also use this method.

1.Press "Windows+R" to open the run box. And type "services.msc" then click OK.

disable remote registry-1

2.Then the service setting surface will show up. Find "Remote Registry" and double click it to open the Remote Registry Properties.

disable remote registry-2

3.Change the startup type into "disabled" then click "OK".

disable remote registry-3

Now we finished our tutorial. This operation is mainly prevent your computer hacking by others. If you need remote assistance someday, you can reset it.