How to Use Problem Steps Recorder in Win10?

Sep 14, 2017 by

There is a mysterious "Problem Steps Recorder" in Windows system. Different form screen recorder, it's a tool to help recording the operation process by graphic. Sometimes I use it to write some tutorial. You can also use it to record a problem in your computer so that others can help you find what's wrong and solve it. It's really convenient and easy to use. 

Now I will show you how to use "PSR" in Win10.

1.Press "Win+R" to open the running window.


2.Type "psr" in the run box, then hit the enter key or press the ok button. 


3.PSR will show up immediately.


4.Close other open windows except steps recorder.

5.Then click "start record" you can start the recording. Make sure you won't miss any important process before start recording.


6.When your operation finished, click "stop record" to stop the recording process. If it looks good you can click save to save the file. 


Now you get a compressed file. Decompress it and open the file with .mnt you can see a the whole process of your operation.