How to install Windows10 with UEFI bootable device?

Sep 08, 2017 by

Nowadays more and more computers are shipping with the option to boot UEFI instead of BIOS. But how to install windows to an UEFI-based computer? Today I will answer you this question in the following tutorial.

This tutorial will introduce how to install Win10 system. For Win8 installing process is same as Win10 installing process, we won't talk about it twice.


1.UEFI mode has limitations for operating system. You should pay attention to the version of UEFI. The version before UEFI 2.0 only support 64-bit windows, 32-bit windows is not supported.

2.The hard disk must be in GPT format.

3.For UEFI can't identify NTFS partition, the USB disk, mobile hard disk, and the partition that holds the installation files must be FAT or FAT32 partitions. 

How to create a UEFI bootable windows USB drive

Tools / Materials:

1.Windows ISO files.

2.USB disk


Now I will mainly introduce how to install Win 10. For Win 10 is originally support UEFI, it's easy to install. First you should prepare Win 10 ISO file. Here I recommend Windows official original edition.

1.Install UltraISO, then open software. UltraISO is a really good Hard drive / USB drive read-write device. If you like it or you want to use it for business, I recommend you to buy a licensed one. Find and open the already downloaded Windows 10 64-bit system file then run it. After running this file, you can find many IOS files, use it directly.

Win10 installation-1

2.Insert your USB drive. Open the UltraISO, click bootable then choose write disk image. Next format USB drive. (This step means all data in your USB drive will be lost, so please insure you already backup all the important data.) 

Win10 installation-2

3.After formatting your USB drive we can began Write, choose Yes.

Win10 installation-3

4.Waiting for the process complete. We get a bootable Win 10 USB drive now.

Win10 installation-4

Win10 installation-5

Tutorial of Windows system installation under UEFI mode.

1.First, insert your USB drive. Reset your computer and press the fast key boot your computer. And then you can choose your USB drive under UEFI.

Win10 installation-6

2.For my computer is in GPT format, so I choose upgrade to install windows.

Win10 installation-7

3.Now Win10 system begin to installa.

Win10 installation-8

4. Now we complete our intsallation.

Win10 installation-8