How to shut down Windows quickly?

Aug 17, 2017 by

Shutting down a computer seems very easy. Most people are used to shut it from Start menu. Click on the start menu and find the shut down button in the lower right-hand side. But if the process running slow, we need waiting for a long time. Actually, there not only one way to shut down your computer. Except for clicking the Start menu, use keyboard or other ways are more convenient. Next I will introduce you some fast shut down method in Windows.

1.Keyboard shortcuts.

 Back to your desktop and minimize all the opening programs. Press "Alt + F4" to call for the shut down Windows box, press "Enter" to shut down your computer.

2.Shut down button + "Enter"

Press Windows logo key "图片2.png", then press "→", at last press "Enter" to shut down.

3.Shut down with shut down command

Find Notepad in the start menu. Create a new note, write down "shutdown -s -t 0". Then save on desktop, named "Shut down.bat". Ensure that "all files" is selected as the file type.

shut down.png

If you need to shut down your computer double click this small icon.

4.Shout down by holding down the power button.

Most people said this method is harmful to computer. Actually if you press and hold the power button on the host within 2 seconds, you computer will shut down normally. Notice don't hold the power button too long unless you want to force a shut down. But it's harmful to your hard drive.